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People’s Choice Brokers is the perfect blend between the advantages of the "big corporation" and the independence of the "one-man show".

Shouldn’t your company spend it's time and money promoting you instead of you promoting your company?

By joining PCB, you are not losing your independence. But by utilizing the systems and tools we have created, you will actually gain more independence. By spending less time on managing your current files, you will have more time to spend on reaching out to new clients.

We realize that one of the main motivations for running your own office is to not have to give away a percentage of your income, with PCB that will not change. You will have the opportunity to keep 100% of your commissions, and pay only a small transaction fee.
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How Much Will You Save?
Got a Fat Boss?
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Real Estate Agents
On avg. our Associates keep a 93% split w/one fee of $295 - $695/Trans.
Experienced and attentive Broker Support
Digital/paperless online Trans.Mgt. via our online Agent Portal
Multi-County MLS/AOR available
Full-Service NMLS Loan Dept. Do both Real Estate and Loans
Join Today! Online signup in only minutes
Build Your Team & Your Profits
Join and let us shoulder the risk
We provide E&O and Broker Support
Utilize our Closings, Accounting and Design Departments for free
Pay only $295 - $695 Trans. fee per File
Full Service Mortgage Division
State-wide Referral Network
Synergy plus Independence
Loan Officers
Full Service Wholesale Mortgage Division
Highly aggressive compensation plan
Wide range of loan programs including: FHA, Conv, VA, USDA, plus many more
In-house processing provided or use your own upon approval
Comprehensive Lender List for diverse product needs